Уважаемые клиенты!
За оформленные с 01/03 заказы из России стоимость авиаперевозки составляет 1200 драм/кг

! Изменение в статусах заказов !
Теперь Вы сможете еще раньше узнать, подтвержден Ваш заказ или нет.

Kак только поставщик отправит Ваш товар, заказ перейдет в статус "В ПУТИ", и Вы получите товар в указанные сроки

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Selecting a service office
Armenia Yerevan ( David Anhaght St 23)
+374 (91) 81-33-33
+374 (95) 81-33-33

Rules for orders and delivery of spare parts from Russia

- Aerosols, lubricants, airbags, accumulators, batteries, and pneumatic cylinders are not accepted to the order! Please, do not order products from the listed categories.

- A number of oversized spare parts (hoods, doors, fenders), windshields and rear windshields are required to the additional packing with wood.

- In case of air shipping of body parts and windshields from Russia (hoods, fenders, doors, bumpers), the extra fee will be charged:

♦ Windshields and rear windshields - 20 000 AMD / pcs
♦ Bumpers – 10 000 AMD / pcs
♦ Fenders, doors, hoods, trunk doors – 5000 AMD / pcs

! In case of ground shipping of oversized spare parts, 2000 AMD / pcs is charged.
! If the buyer refuses to order the extra packing for the goods listed above, the company is not responsible for their safety during the delivery process.

The cost of wood packing of spare parts ordered from Russia and UAE is 15 000 AMD

- Ordering oversized body parts and windshields, You accept the above-mentioned terms.

- On the CarFat.am website, You can see expected dates of delivery to our warehouse in Moscow excluding weekends and holidays. Delivery to Yerevan takes 1-3 days for air delivery and 7-15 days for ground delivery from the time of delivery to a warehouse in Moscow.

Ordering spare parts from CarFat.am,

You accept all preceding terms


CarFat.am team wishes You and Your business all the prosperity!